Net 25 is a proud trailblazer of innovative new TV programs and is doubly proud to have come up with the first-ever celebrity cooking and talk show, SPOON proves that good food goes perfectly with good conversations.

Let’s sample mouthwatering and delicious recipes personally made by famous celebrities and personalities, as they visit the SPOON studio.

Of course, these warm and hearty fare will go down easily with equally warm and hearty conversations as our guests share significant aspects of their lives.

Audience gets a two-for-one deal, they learn a new recipe while also learning a lot about our favorite celebrities – their quirks, their habits, their interests and their activities – and be enriched by the lessons that they offer based on their experiences in life.

At the helm of SPOON, is multi-awarded actress, host and chef, Ms. Janice De Belen, whose love of good food as well as good conversation served as a perfect combo, guaranteeing SPOON a spot in Philippine TV.

Like any perfect dish, SPOON is made up of different segments which like ingredients, add up together to make one perfect show.

 The ingredients of the recipes that will be prepared by the guest is shown in Fresh Picks.

Light stories are then shared by the guests, like what is their favorite food and what culinary adventures they’ve had and thus becoming “Taste Buddies” with Miss Janice.


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