Every place has a story to tell, a history hidden behind it, just waiting to be explored.

Veering away from the usual travelogue format, in LANDMARKS, places are not just appreciated for their tourism value, more importantly, we also explore the community’s rich tapestry of history, of the stories and the anecdotes that explains to us fully how the community came to be what it is today.

The show is not just for those who want to travel but also for those who want learn more about the places they go to.

An in-depth and immersive journey, not only thru places but thru time as well.

We’ll also meet the people that serve as the living “landmarks” of the places we go to.

This travel slash history show also raises the importance of retelling community histories and preserving cultural material and non-material heritage.

It also helps people become more appreciative of the vital “landmarks” and places in the Philippines, to look deeper than the surface and find out what really makes a particular place vibrant and alive.

Let us rediscover our country’s beautiful landscape, colorful history and unique culture.


LANDMARKS is hosted by Net 25’s very own homegrown, multi-talented artist, Ms. Faye de Castro.


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