For twelve years, CONVERGENCE reigns supreme as the premiere IT show in the country! Its impact could be measured by the fact that techies and IT aficionados have made it their Saturday habit to tune in to the only show that serves as our country’s pipeline to the IT world. Not just about gadgets and gizmos, CONVERGENCE gives us the hottest and most up-to-date software, applications, websites and so much more. CONVERGENCE definitelyprovides an on-air venue where people, trends and technology meet.

These brand new segments complete our IT experience in CONVERGENCE:

With the many hi-tech developments, CONVERGENCE will try out for us and compare the different gadgets and apps, as well as review and preview the latest games and websites. These new segments will help us find the appropriate tech devices, apps and websites for our daily needs:
BATTLE GEARS for gadgets;APP ARENA for apps; DROP TEST+ to try out gadgets’ endurance and durability;


For those who want to be updated in the tech scene, we’ll give you the latest and hottest tech news in TECH BUZZ, which will help us find out the truth behind the tech rumors buzzing around the Web; TRENDING TEN, will give us the top ten trending topics around the world and E- CALENDAR, which will let us in the know on the latest tech events here and abroad.

Not only that, we also have TECH TALK, where we talk about and discuss in-depth into the latest tech issues.

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